We are thrilled that everyone who wears our fleece character hats, knows they are getting a unique product worthy of cosplay, Halloween costumes, or every day fun.

Before I created Rio’s Renditions I was stuck with wondering what I wanted to do with my life. My original dream was to be an animator for Walt Disney Animation, but when the traditional ways moved out I was left with a curiosity for what I wanted to do.

Then one day a major epiphany happened. I wanted character hats of certain things people hadn’t thought of making them for, and I thought other people might enjoy them too!

I was concerned that maybe since I had taught myself how to sew, with help from my mom, that maybe people wouldn’t be interested since I wasn’t starting as a professional, but then I just started creating, and people told me how happy they were to see them!

I decided I set out to create the most unique and comfortable character hats for the most awesome and unique individuals who want to share the love for their fandoms all over the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

I scrapped many designs along the way, and some made it to the point of testing, but just weren’t right for my way of creating.

I didn’t let that get me down though, and I continued to try new ways at going about characters with differing styles in order to make them fit with my base designs.

I was definitely afraid that people might not like my designs, or that they wouldn’t be up to the standards of other people in the fandoms, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Through it all, we released our first products in 2008 and the response has been incredible! Over 1,000 orders later we’re still going strong and working hard to bring you the happiness and comfort you deserve.